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Inspirational Article 

A Spiritual Journey

Psalms 23:4a – Yeah though I walk through the valley of the shadow…

Life is a spiritual journey, long or short, and each one must walk out his or her own destiny.  On this road of life you will be on a mountain at one moment, perhaps enjoying all the best life has to offer, and in a heartbeat, in a twinkling of an eye, your circumstances change and you find yourself in the valley, surrounded by the cares of this world we each one try so hard to avoid.  And if in this valley you are not able to stand, our God will reach down and carry you.  He will send angels to bear you up lest you fall.  You will be led beside still waters, or through torrential rivers.  You will be in the  depths of turmoil and cares, trials and tribulations, but the floods will not overflow you.  For God is ever by our side, ever holding our hand.  And even to our old age He will carry us.  What words of encouragement for those seeking emotional healing and inner peace!

The 23rd Psalms says He will make us lie down in green pastures.  I question the word make as I wonder why man would have to be made or forced in some way to lie down in green pastures.  Are we not always looking for those proverbial ”greener pastures”?  I believe that God in His great love for us is literally at work in our daily lives manipulating our circumstances as we look to Him for guidance, changing our focus, opening the eyes or our heart to not only see Him but to acknowledge His goodness and provision in our lives. In the struggles of life today if we saw a green pasture on our journey wouldn’t we run to just collapse there, to smell the newness of the grass, to absorb the velvety softness, to rest in the cushy greenness, to run our fingers through every blade as we smile at the beautiful surroundings in which we would find ourselves? Would we not just totally surrender for that moment in time and turn again to thank God for it?  But man in his busy, hurried pace must often come to the end of himself, be reminded of his need of the green pastures, to be led beside the still waters, for it is in those moments that God in His goodness restores our soul and leads us in the paths of righteousness for His name’s sake.

My dear friend, if you are struggling in your spiritual journey in some way today, longing for inner peace and emotional healing, if the hardness of life has overwhelmed you and crushed you, take heart.  Our God is ever present for He is our refuge, a very present help in the time of trouble. His grace and mercy is there for the taking.  In the hard places of life our character grows strong if we allow His sweetness and tenderness to enter into the situation.  In the hard places of life we are refined as silver in the furnace, and all of the unnecessary things in life are burned away leaving us with a lighter heart, a purpose in life’s journey, and a glorious destiny, ever being led by His Holy Spirit, changed from grace to grace as He gives us His beauty for our ashes.

God Bless!

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