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Inner Uncertainty



 Isaiah 50:7 – For the Lord God will help me; therefore shall I not be confounded: therefore have I set my face like a flint, and I know that I shall not be ashamed.

Dearest Friends – The following is a poem by Jon Freeman. Jon paints pictures with his words. Jon paints tragedies and triumphs. Jon paints circumstances most of us find ourselves in, boxed in, hope is fading, yet precious and beautiful are his words. His poetry is like a breath of fresh air, the first spring rain, and always leave you a better person after reading his poetry. I am using this poem about being misunderstood because it so honestly describes the emotions that most of us have when we feel misunderstood, and yet it relates God’s love for us in spite of ourselves.  It is not merely being misunderstood by those around us but allowing ourselves to mistakenly feel worthless and useless when negative circumstances and experiences leave us exhausted, and doubtful of ever seeing the Son shine again on our spiritual journey.

“Hello Misunderstood, how are you today? Can I feed your lonely soul with a word of warm embrace? You don’t expect the world to turn a blind eye to your waste, but I refuse to settle for less than the best scenario case. You won’t accept a penny more than what your mind states it’s worth, but you were set at priceless the day of your birth. You cannot find a reason more to push through closed or open doors. You will not listen to shouts except from your own skin. I know because I know, I’ve been where you have been. So let me speak a color that you will surely know, a shade from my heart and to this heart is sewn. I will paint you beautiful for all the world to see. You thought you were nothing, but you’re very precious to me.”  by JON FREEMAN

Beloved, sometimes we struggle to relate our innermost feelings to those closest to us. Sometimes no matter what we say about how we feel, how we stand on a matter, what we want out of life, we are met with blank stares or rolling of the eyes. People often will pretend not to understand us for their own protection. After all, if they admit to understanding our pain and frustrations in relational experiences, would they not also have to own up to their responsibility in being a part of the pain, and many will not man-it-up for that reason. It may not help us in feeling less misunderstood but hang on to the fact that things may not be as bad as they seem.

But sometimes people do not truly understand us. It is at these times that we can feel isolated and begin to feel there is something wrong with us. Just because others do not understand us does not mean we are in error in our thinking or feelings. We are not always in the wrong because others look at us like we are a “fruit cake”. The scripture above says God will help us and we won’t be left confounded, confused and distraught. God will help us because He understands us. He made us and He understands everything about us for He knows us better than we know ourselves. That’s a good reason right there to cheer up and let Him have His way in your life and circumstances. For our momentary feelings of  “lostness” are actually when we are right in the palm of His hands if He is our Savior. And when we feel the most useless, that is when He can step in and use us for the most glorious and unexpected plan. Our emotional turmoil doesn’t matter but our willingness to trust Him with it matters greatly, and will determine an outcome of victory or defeat.

Our life is a testimony to others in good times and bad, in times of trial and turmoil, or times of ease and comfort. Being misunderstood is only how we perceive things, or perhaps how others make us feel. But how awesome that God knows all. God is aware of the confusion and pain in the heart.  He knows exactly how we got that way and what it will take to deliver us again to walk in the glorious Light of His Love.

Think about it, we see ourselves as worthless at times, useless, and so weary from trying to make people understand us, that it is true, we don’t have the strength to deal with the closed or open doors standing right in front of us. But God doesn’t see us that way. He sees us as priceless and unique since the day of our birth. He had a beautiful plan for our lives the day we were born. When we hold His hand and trust in Him, He brings us through the dark places and hard times, emerging on the other side more beautiful, stronger, with a greater faith and trust in Him. We come out of tragedies and times of feeling lonely and misunderstood with a greater understanding of not only ourselves and His work in our lives, but the impact our lives have on those around us, those whose lives may not be otherwise changed by His goodness if we ourselves did not allow Him to work in us and through us for the greater good.

So what is being misunderstood? To me it is an open doorway to a greater Love walk with Christ Jesus, our Lord, allowing God to turn the mess in your life into a message, the test into a testimony, and the trial into a triumph, as I saw it so sweetly written recently. Being misunderstood can be frustrating, but knowing God understands all and is at work in our lives even when we find ourselves at odds even with our own selves is exhilarating. You will feel a new wind in your sails with God at the helm, and being misunderstood won’t seem that important knowing He is in control. You’ll never be ashamed if you trust Him. And beloved, if God be for you, who can be against you?

In His Love,

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