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Colors Of Friendship



Among all the colors that stretch from sea to sea,

I find my friend sitting somewhere between blue and green.

Her heart is full of passion of the likes you’ve never seen.

Her laughter is contagious and her smile a mystery.

She doesn’t understand how beautiful her touch.

I wonder if she knows she is loved so much.

 She doesn’t really see all the colors she paints for me,

 but that just makes her more precious… you see.

 On the canvas of her life she splashes her many shades,

like a hug around your shoulders or a whisper of grace.

What a wonderful heart, I’ll hold to the end.

What a talented artist… my friend.

Thank you for making us friends Lynda- By Jon Freeman

Dear Friends-I want to give credit to Jon Freeman, a facebook friend, who sent me this beautiful poem and it is with his permission that I now share it with you. To me it is a beautiful allegory of how God sees us, all bright and beautiful, full of God-given talents. The many colors of His love we passionately share with others.

We strive daily to be the best we can, usually finding fault with ourselves, feeling as if perhaps we failed in some way. But this poem relates to me, just as if the Lord were sitting in my presence speaking one on one to me, that we have no idea the good we bring to others lives when we are submitted to Christ. We usually never know unless someone like Jon comes along to open our eyes to see the beauty that is Christ in us.

To me, this is true and Godly friendship. We never know when something we say is going to encourage someone in their daily lives to hang on. We seldom have advance warning in emergent situations as to what we shall say or what we shall do. But friend to friend this is not a struggle, not even a consideration. For friends that are true friends, aren’t spending a lot of time worrying if they might offend us or drop the ball in some way when we feel they’re needed most. True friends are just that. They are free to be themselves and we love them for it. They speak the truth to us and we applaud them. They show us the error of our ways without crushing our spirit, and they stand with us when the bottom drops out of our lives, or just sit and cry with us, never condemning, never judging, just faithfully there and willingly loving till the storm passes over.

This type of friendship is rare today but a treasure when you find it. Iyanla Vanzant in her book “Until Today”, and I paraphrase, speaks of the unconscious efforts we make to avoid compliments from people in an effort to remain humble. But in essence we are negating all the beautiful things God is trying to tell us about ourselves and our lives. We must not run from this very good and pleasant gift but accept it graciously. It is one of God’s ways of speaking His love to us, why would we not just open our arms wide and ask Him to fill them up and send the more. There’s an infinite supply from His throne of grace, and His arm is never shortened that He can’t help us.

In His Love,

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