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Nothing teaches us so much the preciousness of the Creator as when we learn the emptiness of all besides.  Charles Spurgeon

I will take the ashes, turn them into beauty fair.

I will take your hurting soul and heal it with My care.

I will take the weariness from trudging uphill miles

and turn it into restfulness with strength for every trial.

I will take the saddened face and tears that flow like rain

and paint a smile with joyous stroke, in love allay the pain.

I will take confusion’s grasp, put wisdom in its stead,

and I will set you free from fear, anxiety and dread.

New roads I’ll lead you on and doors I’ll open just for you

that you may know I am the Lord of all that comes anew.

I’ll hold your  hand, if you’ll allow, if you’ll believe in Me.

I’ll always walk close by your side, now and eternally.

You’ll never have to be alone, will fellowship in prayer.

Yes I, the Lord, will talk to you and keep you in My care.

For I’m your Savior, Jesus, and I died that you might live.

Call on Me in faith and I will all your sins forgive.

Your life will be like flakes of snow, no stain or spot to see,

For I will cleanse you inside out if you’ll believe in Me.

So open up your heart and let My Spirit sweetly fill

every inch of emptiness according to My will.

Let My love begin its healing, cleansing Holy Fire,

and grant to you abundantly the life you so desire.

For always will I love you, child, on this you can be sure.

Forever I will hold  you close, My Bride, spotless and pure.

In His Love,

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